Using a Blog to Increase Your Website’s SEO

Ever since Google released its freshness algorithm two years ago, having a blog on your website became even more essential for increasing search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. Why? Because search engines are now ranking the most recent information on a given keyword search first. So if you created your website content several years ago, it might not rank as high in search results as a blog article that was created last week. Search engines are now crawling and indexing the web for the most current content on a topic and the way to give it to them is with a blog.

But even before the fresher search results algorithm came into existence, having a blog on a website played an important SEO role. It is the most natural type of SEO because it gives you those all-important offsite links that drive traffic to your website.


5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Whether you want to design a new product, devise a tagline for a client or solve a scheduling problem, creative thinking gives you an undeniable edge. However, we can't just summon creativity on a whim; when we need it most, it's nowhere to be seen.

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If you’re in need of more outside-the-box, inventive thinking at work, here are five ways to boost your creativity.


The Future of User Interfaces

We are web designers and developers. As obvious as our work is (we build interactive media applications) there’s a deeper meaning to what we do. We analyze design problems and explore different concepts to solve them. This also means that we think of the communication between a device and the user. We develop that communication. We design what the user sees and does.


How to use a website to strengthen a brand

The reality is that branding is borne out of any identifying features, and is used to create a persistent identity for products and firms. Wikipedia describes it as ‘the most valuable fixed asset of a Corporation,’ which, whilst perhaps a little exaggerated, is all too true in the light of the hugely competitive markets that exist today where branding is often sadly overlooked.

Firms like Apple, which capitalize on branding so effectively, understand the importance of a successful brand, and have built their fortunes on their incredibly valuable and attractive product form and consistent styling. Despite this being the result of billions of dollars of research and advertising, branding arises with or without intervention, with your customers having opinions on your business, whether they’re good or bad, branding is at work.