Using a Blog to Increase Your Website’s SEO

Ever since Google released its freshness algorithm two years ago, having a blog on your website became even more essential for increasing search engine optimization (SEO) for your website. Why? Because search engines are now ranking the most recent information on a given keyword search first. So if you created your website content several years ago, it might not rank as high in search results as a blog article that was created last week. Search engines are now crawling and indexing the web for the most current content on a topic and the way to give it to them is with a blog.

But even before the fresher search results algorithm came into existence, having a blog on a website played an important SEO role. It is the most natural type of SEO because it gives you those all-important offsite links that drive traffic to your website.

A Behind the Scenes Look at Blogs and SEO

When Advia Internet builds your website, we add certain SEO strategies to it so search engines can find your site. While those strategies go far in getting traffic to your website and even ranking your site on the first page of search engine results, having a blog on your website boosts its SEO in four key ways: - See more at:

  • Provides More Linking Opportunities – Just as SEO strategies on your website are important, so are SEO efforts off your website. This is done by building links to your site, commonly referred to as offsite or off page optimization. Think of offsite links as a popularity contest. The more you have, the more popular your website is with search engines and the higher your site ranks in search results. One of the easiest and less time consuming ways to build these external links is with a blog. Each time you post new content to your blog, you add a new link to your website. You can take it to a whole other level by adding links to certain pages on your website or to information in previous blog posts. Then, when you promote your blog on your social media profiles, social bookmarking sites, or other sites, readers click on these links and you score those priceless backlinks to your website. - See more at:

  • Keeps Your Website Fresh – To a search engine, every new blog entry is fresh, new content and that matters when it comes to site ranking. With a blog, you’re adding new pages to your site daily or weekly, a key factor search engines use when ranking sites. You no longer have a stagnant website, but rather a frequently changing one that attracts greater attention from search engines. - See more at:

  • Adds More Keyword Opportunities

  • – Keywords are king when it comes to matching what people are searching for with applicable websites. But you can use only so many keywords in website content before it sounds unnatural or forced with keywords. But with a blog, you’re adding new keywords with every new entry; keywords that might not be included in your website content. You can even stay current with keywords that are trending in your line of business by incorporating them into your blog article. Because of the additional keywords, your website ranks with search engines more than it ever did. Plus, these new keywords bring more opportunities for other websites to link to your blog. - See more at:

  • Attracts Social Media Attention – A blog page is the easiest thing to share on social media. These social shares boost your website’s SEO like nothing else. When you share your blog posting on your social media profiles, be it Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, you’re encouraging user interaction, like retweeting or reposting, that counts big time with site ranking, building awareness for your business and driving more traffic to your website. Use videos or images in your blogs as much as possible to attract even greater attention from social media readers. Our social media guru has even more strategies for tapping into the marketing reach of social media.

  • With Advia Internet, we just don’t design and build websites. We provide all facets of web branding and marketing to create an online strategy that gets your site noticed and working to deliver a positive return on investment. Contact us today to get started with adding a blog to your website or optimizing an existing one to enhance its SEO potential.

By Brandon Hill, Director of Client Services